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I love to ride my bike and my quad.I also like to play hockey (i've played for seven years) and drive my jato 3.3 i have taken spanish and know a lot of spanish. i like to play soccer (both indoor and out)i am brave strong and muscular and very very funny. i recently played soccer for the white lake "worms" (team name) and me being the best sixth grade goalie and has a mean punt olny got scored twice through the entire season! that was on the championship game we never lost ONE game a all and we hade to go into a double overtime (cause it was tied 0-0) then a shoot out then the score was 3-2 we WON

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


my mom is a bad picture taker for sports because she dosent take them of me in goal so im forced to do these kind of things (this pic was actually done by ethan avery he can do amazing dives)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

lean on me

hey ethan is back and jaleigh well we were bord and made a music video the sound quality is bad soo if you want better sound Q. as your watching it play on my playlist song number 65 it took several first one is the finishing product the rest are attemps jaleigh is also rocking outon her birth day present and the wii comp. is all wii sport resorts games each person chooses three of their best sports

Thursday, July 8, 2010

sooooo anybody good at the wii out there!!!!!!! well do they think that they are good enough to be in a wii tounrment. well than garrick family step right up from when you visit right up to when visit u will play against the AVERY family. start practicing because your gonna have some compition on archry because ehtna is the bestttttttttt here it a picture of my best shot on medium and eazyand i'm not lying here it is america one more thing GAME ON

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I brokeded my tooth

well if you didnt know i wasn't playing hockey since i waz five(for seven years)then you dont know me. if you knew that i played hockey but didnt know that every person i came in contact with ended up with a bloody nose or broken tooth or arm or some kind of damage then you need to look a little more closely at my file or you got the wrong ethan avery. im like the "ROCK" on ice. my opponents worst enemy is me and their best friend is the boards cause there faces are always shoved into the boards. it may sound mean but that's life that's hockey if you dont like getting shoved into the boards then get used to it or stop playing hockey. well you must be wondering why i said brokeded my tooth instead of i broke my tooth well im just irritating my mom(talk to her and she will explain) and you might be wondering why it said that i broke my tooth all in all. well this case is busted (mythbusters my new favorite show) it is true. geese is it just me or dose news travel fast in school. i told one person and during lunch people would come up to me and say "did you really break your tooth?" and i would just smile and thats all the answer they would need. any way i waz just playing a little ice hockey with my "brothers" on their pond when bryan has to decide to hit me with a hockey stick and BOOM (where you scared)out pops 3/4 of my tooth, travels bout three feet into my awesome hands( and yes i caught my tooth sunny how could you doubt me you know, my mom awlays isnt the one who knows stuff too it happened to me i would know better than her ) if your asking how i caught it the answer is simply, im just awesome that way. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo then i said "dude you just chipped my tooth" all calm (and sunny i know wat your thinking i didnt cry) then bryan said,"do you think that we should tell my mom?" "well" i said "it would end our perfect play day" "yea it would" said bryan and ian (ean) "well we might as well go and tell your mom" i said glumly so i just threw my stick and watched it land with a thud. and then we wakked up the huge sledding hill.went into the house and bryan said (wait before i tell you wat he said he seems to be the first one to talk always its creepy) "MOM" bryan said " guess what" bryan said really enthusiastic "what" said their mom "ethan broke his tooth" "WHAT" said his mom "he did"

and she called my mom and then i went to the dentist and i got wat they call a "bandade" and i have to wait three weeks to see if i need a root canal. if i dont then all i need is a cap (and no sunny its going to hurt) and my cap is going to be a gold cap with green emerald dollar signs in going to look kool.
when you get done reading this tell this to five different people and tell them to look at my blog (i need the comments)

P.S. i am awsome

Thursday, December 17, 2009

babysitter & quad

So, I'm sitting with my "english teachers" (tessa and saroya). They correct me on everything I say and she knows that I'm not smart too (tessa is my babysitter) Here is me riding my quad.

Back ground

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